Chris Gerken

For over 30 years of development, mentoring and invention, Chris has focused not only on the best way to solve problems, but also on how to best communicate those solutions to others.

The Most Recent Properties

Best practices around mobile apps are the latest to be automated by Gerken Intellectual Properties. Earlier this year we built out next-generation tooling that replaces less efficient IBM Rational tooling.

Capabilities, Models and Maturity

Clients realize a high return on investment (ROI) when they engage Gerken Intellectual Properties to help identify, define, clarify and automate the skills and intellectual capital they use day in and day out. Gerken Intellectual Properties might help our clients improve their Maturity Model rankings, but our clients tend to focus on the cost savings we bring.

Some Practical Examples

Architectures that proscribe a set of best practices and conventions for user interface code make for some excellent examples.